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Athletic Works Men's Wide Width Chunky Athletic Shoe


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Athletic Works Men's Wide Width Chunky Athletic Shoe

Athletic Works Chunky Athletic Shoe has smooth man-made materials in a lace up sporty athletic training sneaker with stitching and overall accents. This style is a fanatic fit for a wide foot. The last and outsole are both Wide Width

Reviews & Ratings

Very comfortable shoe; I ordered three!!
These shoes are so comfortable (I ordered wide rather than my usual size D) that I ordered two more identical pair to wear in the coming years. I wear these shoes to run errands and at the gym, but I am not wearing them every day and all day long. Many synthetic material shoes do not breathe and cause feet to get hot. But I have had a great "leather-like breathe" experience with these shoes -- even in 100 degree summer heat.
By OakRidgeTNMike on 2020-04-03

Comfortable Shoes
These are my husbands favorite pair of shoes. We buy them every time he wears out a pair. He's a man that once he likes something he will stick to it. Same style same brand every time. If he is happy then I am happy.
By BelindaBelieves on 2020-05-02

Thanks...perfect for my foot support inserts...I can walk comfortable.
By on 2020-06-26

Perfect Fit!
He had a hard time finding shoes that are comfortable, these shoes were very good and yet are good arch in them...
By Sharon on 2020-05-11

very happy
very comfortable. Have order 3 pair of these shoes. when you find something that works you buy multiples especially in a size 13w.
By Cat on 2020-04-24

they kind of float too in the water
I bought these shoes and where really happy with them. When somebody who had my stuff put them through their washing and drying machines and melted and ruined them they just weren't the same because they were so good before I got really upset but it's because I liked them so much so I threw them out but I would buy them again.
By Tomm on 2018-01-05

nice made and comfortable
By 2013Montana on 2020-04-06

NOT 4 Long Walks!
These shoes are a little snug and very lightweight. Would NOT be able to take Long walks in these. They have a nice bottom, but are Flat. Just for wearing around the apartment building and very close Grocery store. They look fairly nice while clean.
By Ricostar on 2020-06-11

Soles Wear Out In 60 Days After Normal Use

I've bought two pairs of these shoes from Walmart this year (2018) and have found that after normal use (standing and walking) the soles wear out after about 60 days and no longer have any tread. Without tread on the bottom of my shoes I actually slipped a couple of times recently after a rainstorm where I live, thankfully I didn't sprain anything but needless to say I won't be buying these shoes again.
By jeremyr1 on 2018-08-26

Bought these for my husband 6 weeks ago. He hasn't done anything other than walk in them... Would not recommend buying these.Also if you look close at pics will see holes in sole.Holes are from the machine that puts them together not from hubby walking in them. Because of these holes being exposed feet do not stay dry in rain. Contacted Walmart customer support. We contacted Walmart managers. Was told they wouldn't do anything. If we didn't have receipt they are not willing to replace the shoe. We were not asking for a refund just a swap out for good shoes that will not fall apart.
By jessm on 2019-04-01

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